The Archives

The pixel archives is a library of my photographic images stored on a 48 terabyte hard drive housing everything I have photographed from today and all the way back to the 1970s including images that predate my digital work when worked with both black and white as well as color film.

One of the many personal challenges shooting in digital is that after an initial review and edit, I tend to move forward to the next day, week, and months of new images. After decades of shooting, there is a significant number of photographs that have not been looked at, worked on, or for that matter, deleted and thrown away. Thankfully during the initial edits, I was very selective in what was deleted as I am finding old/new photographs that resonate with my current sensibilities.

Not necessarily in any specific chronological order, this blog highlight's the best of the images I am currently editing and working on. The subject matters vary from street photography, nature, abstracts, architecture, landscapes and cityscapes, people in public places, sports, to studies of the beautiful design in classic automobiles.

New England Patriots

One of the most successful NFL franchises led by quarterback, Tom Brady and head coach, Bill Belichick. These photographs were made at a home game in 2014 against the Oakland Raiders.

What surprises me most about NFL games is how much the games and the overall experience is about...


In the Summer of 2016, I made a road trip that started in Detroit, Michigan for a few days, on to the Concours of America car show in Plymouth Michigan with a final destination to the "windy city" of Chicago. It wasn't windy while on the other hand, Chicago definitely did not disappoint....

Boston Editorial Photography

Beautiful laid-back scenery waiting to be explored. Farm fields stretching as far as the eye can see to pristine coastlines, fishing villages to hiking trails and bald eagles, these provinces offer the visitor a peek into a beautiful and less explored part of North America.

Turks and Caicos

Even on vacation, I never stop looking at my surroundings while contemplating visual possibilities which explore cultural and personal experiences about the world in which we share. These images are not about the dramatic vistas but more about the mundane goings and comings on the beach. A place...

Boston Assignment Photography

The City of Lights might well be the most beautiful in the world depending on who you ask and who has spent time wandering the various arrondissements. Surrounded in history, museums, architectural details, astounds and surprises, and love for food-simple and complex. Paris is a magical place to...

Killer on the Loose

Photograph of a newspaper in a yellow vending box with the cover story about a killer on the loose in Atlanta. At the time, I could see that this was a leading colorful crime story for the newspaper to go with. After 16 years and having rediscovered this image, this photograph is even more...

Lost Pet

Strange how a relatively small change can create a huge hole in one's life.

We took our 2 dogs by car to 150-acre woods and wetlands with well-marked paths for an afternoon hike. Shortly after arriving, I removed the leash off of Winnie, our 4-year-old shelter dog who we adopted 3 years...

Boston Harbor

There are several beautiful vantage points in which to see the Boston skyline go from afternoon to evening with the interior lights of the many surrounding buildings aglow once the sun sets on the other side of Boston. One of my favorites activities is to get on one of the numerous ferries or...

Boston Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

Fenway Park is located in the city center of Boston, Massachusetts, near Kenmore Square. Since 1912, it has been the home for the Boston Red Sox, the city's American League baseball team, and since 1953, the only Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise in Boston. While the stadium was built in...

Cruise Ships

These photographs were made during a 1-week excursion on and off a cruise ship. My former in-laws graciously invited us for a Western Caribbean, 7-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Christmas vacation present in 2004. Being in the Caribbean in late December seemed like a...

Life in the fog

We live in a fog induced by Covid, and our lives are in distress and significantly altered. Very little is normal right now. We turn on the news and listen to the reports of transmissions skyrocketing, and the death toll continues at a horrific rate. The number of people who refuse to wear masks...

New York City

They say you can leave a place, but you can't take the place out of you. New York City is one of those places for me, especially if you were born there and grew up there. The city always seemed huge and oversized with those canyons of city streets lined on both sides of the street with tall...

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, the Motor City has held a lot of mystique for me over the years. From its legendary musical voices which I grew up listening to Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, and later on Eminem. The automobile manufacturing powerhouses of...

War is hell

War is hell and those who have valiantly served are owed huge amounts of respect and admiration for putting themselves into harm's way for protecting and promoting American democratic values in foreign wars and battles. I can't imagine charging into a battle and knowing that in an instant my...

Stranger Danger

As part of our inherent drive for preservation and survival, the pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate how we interact with others—the person we pass by on the street or in a park or even a close family member invited to share a meal at a table outside or inside our homes.


Boston Fine Art Photography

One of my creative heroes is Edward Hopper's use of color, darkness, and emptiness to move the viewer's eye around a canvas.

Similar to painters, etchers, and illustrators, a photographer can also define the main subject by filling in the shadows and allowing the background ambient light...

Boston in the Autumn

In some ways very little is different and in other ways Boston continues to grow and add new buildings to the changing landscape.

At the time, I was documenting Boston for a major university and recently took a deep dive into this file of images and was happily surprised with finding some...


One of my favorite places to visit is the Yucatán Peninsula where the Azul waters are exquisite to swim in and the soft sand is comforting for long walks on the beach.

What most beachgoers never experience and barely comprehend is the beauty and fascinating aquacultures which reside under...


Travel is often about getting from point A to point B in as fast a time frame as possible. In a commercial mode of transportation, it's not like you can ask the driver or in this case, the pilot from Jet Blue, Delta, United, or American Airlines to slow down or circle back so I could look at...


Sometimes a landscape photograph is not always about the glamorous and spectacular but more to do with capturing a sense of place. An unusual posting from an atypical point of view while visually describing the terrain and geography of a local woods in Chestnut Hill, MA. In this photograph, I...

On the edge

Water continues to amaze me as it is adaptable and takes on so many different qualities. This photograph made on the edge of a remote pond in New Hampshire while on a hike.

Seaport Avenue Bridge, Boston, MA

A very different way to explore your surroundings is to find different times of the day and under various atmospheric conditions ( rain, snow, darkeness) to search out what makes your city or town truly unique. Like many people, I am resistant for obvious reasons about getting myself out of bed...


To find a fresh perspective any photographer should know the great photographers who have come before and laid the groundwork for what successful photographs. Some of the great landscape photographers are Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, to William Henry Jackson to Max Rive, Mandy Lea, and Valda...


Pablo Picasso once said, “We all know that art is not the truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies”.

Artists create work to discover what...

Trees in snow

It's much harder for me to find the motivation to go out in the cold weather of New England and explore what Winter photography has to offer. Rarely do I come back empty-handed especially if I head out into a raging snowstorm. The one sure thing I can count on is that there are rarely many cars...

CITGO sign in Kenmore Square

It feels very strange.... like time has stood still and we are all in a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, but in this case, it's very real. I look out the window of my home and it all looks normal out there. Sun shining, birds flying around, and the wind is rushing through the leaves of...


A wider selection of images from my current documentary photography series at the Lynch Family Skateboard Park in Cambridge, MA.

I admire the grittiness, culture, and the repeated attempts by these mostly young men and boys with a handful of young women using skateboards, scooters,...

Alone together

A cold Spring day in NYC while riding a ferry around the New York City Harbor and then up the East River to see the United Nations. A classic tourist adventure except we were nothing like tourists as my family is 3rd generation New Yorkers. I find getting out on the water is always a great way...


1:00 pm in the afternoon never looked so promising and debauched.

Having never been to Nikki Beach before or for that matter on St Barts, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Arriving for lunch with friends and recent acquaintances in mid-March, we started with a round of Rosé wine which...

Central Park, NYC, NY

Horizontal color photograph of people walking in Central Park with the Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation of 'The Gates' in 2005 in NYC, NY.

The beauty of Christo's work has been his overall vision of using the geographic landscape as his palette for his installations. Christo was one...

The Hit

From my series 'Someplace Else'. Inherent in life around us, is the possibility of making iconic images, planned or unplanned. I stopped on the way to the hardware store to pick up some things I needed for a project I was working on. One reason to always have your camera gear with you is...

Sunset in the Southwest

Horizontal color photograph of Main Street at sunset in a small town in Colorado.

This photograph was made on 35mm transparency film during a road trip I made back in the mid- 1990s. Arriving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then heading north to Santa Fe for 2 days and continuing through...

No. 5

Horizontal color graphic photograph of a yellow number 5, hand-painted with a black outline onto the trunk of a red 1950's hot rod automobile.

This image is from my photographic series, 'The Art of the Automobile'. I have been following many different car shows for the past 8 years....

Altered States

I have mentioned and written about the cameras' unique ability to describe details of life around us, which is like no other medium available. It's vital as an artist to break rules in order to come up with surprising and unexpected results. Pushing other inherent abilities of the camera as...


A doorman standing outside of Trump Tower while protecting access against people from freely walking into the building. What do these images say about privilege, access, and control? For many, it's just another building. In this street photograph, I bring up the potential for conversation, a...


The most ordinary of street scenes, but that is where the beautiful late afternoon sunlight helps to make this image so interesting to look at. A street photograph with parked cars, houses and telephone poles and wires twisting the way down the street at sunset. Watertown, MA

Freight Train Detail

I love flat surfaces of all types. Industry, trains, transit posters, and more. Abstract graphic photograph of the side signage and numbers on a railroad freight train combined with graffiti.

I am not a fabricator of photographs. I work best in finding my images that found and already...

Farming Maple Syrup Sap

Maple syrup cans collecting sap from the maple trees to be collected, heated and evaporated until a perfect consistency of color and flavor yields a bottle of pure maple syrup. I have spent a lot of time living and going to school in Vermont so there was no excuse not to be using pure maple...

Old Lady Sitting at the Beach

Portrait of an older woman sitting on a beach chair at South Beach in Miami, Beach, Florida. Miami has gone through boom times and downturns changing by the quarter-century. From the mid-1960s onward Miami was definitely in a recession. With some beautiful Deco-styled hotels and architecture the...


The Manhattan Bridge spanning across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. NYC

NY, NY so vast, so nice they named it twice. Written about in fiction, used as backdrops for numerous movies and newspapers. The city that never sleeps. The Big AppIe. I was born on the upper West side of...

Car Wash at Dusk

The magic of mixed lights at dusk at a do it yourself car wash in Boston, MA

A mixture of boredom and adventure took me to one of the industrial parts of Boston. When I came across this do-it-yourself car wash facility, I knew something had to come of it, if I only stayed with it and kept...

Open Doors

Reflections off a mirror in a store in San Francisco overlooking San Francisco Bay and the San Mateo Haywood Bridge. CA.

When I travel working on assignments for client projects, I almost always try to create some personal time to explore where I am. I start studying a city by searches on...

Travels in the Caribbean Sea

Horizontal color photograph of a ferry taking people between St Martin and St Barts.

In this photograph is a ferry transporting people from St Martin to Saint Barthélemy. The boat was bouncing roughly in the high swells, so much so, I had to position my body against 2 parts of the boat to...


Stop motion blur photograph of a young girl in a bikini jumping into a swimming pool with a ghosted effect.

During the Summer months, we found a community pool that we could join and we could cool off in the was only a 5-minute drive from the house in Newton, Massachusetts. Both my kids...

Man with head scarf

Portrait of an African Muslim man wearing keffiyeh headscarf against an orange wall in the Old City, Tripoli, Libya.

I was on assignment in Libya in 2007 for The Monitor Group, a Cambridge, MA-based, worldwide consulting organization that was at the time consulting with the Kaddafi...

Living Life

Neon sign on a cross with the words, “ Sin will find you out” found on a street in NYC, NY

How startling and strange it was to walk down a quiet street on the West side of mid-town Manhattan and come across this piece of neon religious imagery. Was it a church? social commentary? public...


Brick wall abstracted to a minimalistic and essential photograph based on lines and patterns of the bricks, pipes, and construction materials.

Sometimes the hardest things to see are the things right there in front of us. It's so normal, so much of the same, so familiar that it's almost...

Do Not Cross

Pedestrian street light indicating people not to walk while the light is red. Paris, France

I have written and spoken about the familiar being so normal we no longer see things for what they can be or might be. The intention of the public works department was to put up a street crossing...


Mannequins are a mirror of our culture or at least certain demographics of society. The specialty companies who manufacture mannequins continue to change the look and expressions to reflect the targeted audience's interests from specific stores and retailers.

This store, in upstate New...


Photograph of clouds and sky at 25,00 feet high, and yes my arms got very tired.

I will always remember the first flight I ever traveled on when I was 9 years old going to visit a friend and his extended family in Wisconson. I was looking forward to traveling alone and being met at the...

Winter in New England

Island with trees in the middle of a lake in a Winter snowstorm. Waltham, MA.

Living in the Boston area, we have both the beauty and hardships of living in 4 very different seasons every year. Sometimes its more like 2.5. Hot, very hot, and fuckin freezing. Some seasons it feels like we...

Interior of  Les Invalides

Interior architecture of a stone column with a ray of sunlight streaming in. Les Invalides, Paris, France

When I started out as a commercial photographer, I specialized in architectural photography. I was recently out of art school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and I started...


Poster of a boy jumping into a swimming pool with 2 people standing on either side of the poster.

Removing 1 detail or taking an element out of context within a photograph changes the actual relationships and the perception of reality as presented in that photograph. This style of...

The Glow of Dusk

Cars and streets at dusk on the hills in San Francisco, CA.

Decades ago, I went to a fortune-telling/psychic who told me that I would eventually be living in California. Needless to say, that never happened as I have lived in the Boston area my entire life. I have always wanted to spend...

White on White

White exterior of the Sudbury Methodist Church photographed in the aftermath of a Winter snowstorm in 2006.

I have mentioned in other blog posts about my love for architecture and shooting in inclement weather. Certainly coming across this beautiful 19th mid-century building. The elegant...

Young Hercules

Marble statue of a young Hercules. MET Museum, NYC, NY.

Understanding what other artists' materials and processes are, gives a great understanding into one's own creative process. Thankfully we have museums whose goals are to collect, restore, and make available art that has been produced...

Mail Boxes

2 mailboxes on a rural road in Vermont.

Mall Rats

People walking around the mall with advertising posters for stores.

Shoes Dyed

Walking the streets of any major metropolitan city often yields clues to the history of that city. From faded hand-painted advertising signs on the side of brick buildings to statues and plaques offering visitor insights to the denizens who lived there decades, generations, or even centuries...

Reflections on Water

Abstract swirling orange lines of the cables supporting the Zakim Bridge reflected in water with a blue sky.

Color Grid

Exterior abstract photograph of Simmons Hall by architect Steven Holl. Cambridge, MA