Manhattan Bridge, 2008

The Manhattan Bridge spanning across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. NYC

NY, NY so vast, so nice they named it twice. Written about in fiction, used as backdrops for numerous movies and newspapers. The city that never sleeps. The Big AppIe. I was born on the upper West side of Manhattan. Always a part of my blood and spirit. My parents were born there, both sets of grandparents lived there, my relatives and my cousins lived there and many of my relatives, close family and friends still reside there. I have never ceased to be amazed by New York City. It's architecture, streets, bridges and tunnels, the culture, museums, restaurants, stores and businesses, subways, taxis and the ability to mix so many different people together in one place. Photographing in NYC has always been a favorite subject of mine to explore. This image pays homage to how big NYC really is as the Manhattan Bridge stretches across the East River connecting Brooklyn and Queens with Manhattan.