About My Work:

The photographic medium is a powerful tool to visually describe the details of the photographers point of view. The instant the shutter is pressed the photograph immediately becomes a document about the past, although with great images, a photograph becomes timeless and resonates with the past, present and future.

I organize my vision by looking thru the frame of the camera, and studying the visual relationships which exists inside that frame: people, objects and environments. I am interested in the transformation an image undergoes from reality to the final print and framed presentation. Curiosity as the primary catalyst, it is in this distillation and convergence that motivate me to look at the details of my surroundings and encourages me to create new work. To create something that has never existed before is a thrilling discovery.

My images are all signed, limited editions as archival pigment prints or as dye sublimation onto aluminum. Pricing and available sizes upon request.

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