Steven Edson

"Life isn’t made of stories that you cut into slices like an apple pie.

There’s no standard way of approaching a story.

We have to evoke a situation, a truth. This is the poetry of life’s reality."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photography is a perfect medium for the 21st century. I am constantly amazed at a photographer's ability to convey complex information while telling engaging stories about people, places, and objects and their relationships with each other. I was born in NYC and spent much of my early years living in NYC and just north in a suburb in Westchester County. At 18 years of age, I bought my first car and began looking across state lines for photographs.

The portfolios in this site are all about my passion for exploring and pushing my limits as a photographer. As an individual responds to specific images, the image triggers and elicits feelings, thoughts, and potential dialogue with a viewer. Ultimately these kinds of interactions invoke the rich and dynamic power of the still photograph and the stories they impart.