The Glow of Dusk

San Francisco, 2012

Cars and streets at dusk on the hills in San Francisco, CA.

Decades ago, I went to a fortune-telling/psychic who told me that I would eventually be living in California. Needless to say, that never happened as I have lived in the Boston area my entire life. I have always wanted to spend time in California and an assignment project for Bessemer Trust, a large personal high net worth investment company photographing their annual report took me to San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, and New York City for several weeks of photography. Usually after a long day of shooting for my clients, I head back to the hotel, download files into backup hard drives, add a new fresh battery into the camera, and then head right out onto the streets looking to create my own images.

This was only the 2nd time I have traveled and explored San Francisco which feels very much like a sister city to my home town of Boston, Massachusetts. A rich history, interesting geography, great architecture, a strong artistic and financial foundation, and progressive social and environmental agendas make San Francisco a great city to explore and photograph in.