Indoor Sports Arena, 2011

Poster of a boy jumping into a swimming pool with 2 people standing on either side of the poster.

Removing 1 detail or taking an element out of context within a photograph changes the actual relationships and the perception of reality as presented in that photograph. This style of photography most closely aligns with what's referred to as 'street photography'. The use of juxtaposition and point of view is a critical component of what determines the success or failure of making exciting street photographs and the ability to tell complex visual stories which raises questions about a suggested narrative without answering whether the image is fact or a form of fiction.

When cameras became miniaturized into handheld tools, this enabled photographers to work more quickly and quietly allowing them to work more easily without people being self-conscious and aware of the photographer.

Some of the great street photographers who I have learned from are Robert Frank, Henri Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Martin Parr, Lee Friedlander, Josef Koudelka, Bruce Davidson, and William Klein. Any google search will yield an extensive list of many talented photographers working inside of this photographic style.