Interior of  Les Invalides

Les Invalides, 2010

Interior architecture of a stone column with a ray of sunlight streaming in. Les Invalides, Paris, France

When I started out as a commercial photographer, I specialized in architectural photography. I was recently out of art school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and I started thinking about how I could make a living as a photographer. I wanted to travel, but I couldn't afford to. If I specialized in an area of photography where clients could not bring the objects or people to me and instead would need to bring me to the subjects then this would likely create a win-win relationship for me to both make money and find myself in different cities around the world working with an expense account.

For decades this was a successful combination and helped to finance trips all over the United States. My work also instilled a love and respect for architecture. From the brand new to the ancient, I grew an appreciation for looking at what people built under the supervision and direction of incredible architects, craftsmen, and builders.