Clouds and Sky, 2004

Photograph of clouds and sky at 25,00 feet high.

I was invited to fly private air on NetJets from Lexington, MA to Boca, Florida. Besides the obvious comfort of not having to deal with security lines, ticket lines, bag handlers, taxis and pushing luggage around an airport, the sheer luxury of sitting in large leather seats while be offered nips of 15 different varieties of top-shelf alcohol, fresh deli meats and sandwiches along with getting out of your seat whenever you wanted. Sweet! Another plus working with clean unscratched windows and be able to study outside the heavenly world and train my lens on the various cloud formations we passed along out path to our final destination. Even sweeter!

* As the low life, hard earning photographer that I am, I cleared out much of the nips of liquor as my bag could hold. There was no extra charge for what you consumed or credit for leaving unused consumables. Its all based on the size of the jet and a fee based on the hours used.