Freight Train Detail

Freight Train, 2017

I love flat surfaces of all types. Industry, trains, transit posters, and more. Abstract graphic photograph of the side signage and numbers on a railroad freight train combined with graffiti.

I am not a fabricator of photographs. I work best in finding my images that found and already completed in the environments where I travel. It would sure be easier if I was able to make my own art with walls or canvas, paint, graphics, and textures in the studio, but that's not how my brain works. I try to make sense of the obscure compositions that I find. There is a definite joy and happiness to find those slices of life hiding in plain sight. It takes a surgeons skill to separate and isolate what is working and what is distracting.

I never really know which of these are going to be successful until days, weeks, months, and sometimes years later when I re-edit and work with the image bringing it a full-size print.

All of my work is hand-signed and available in limited numbered editions at various sizes.