Into the Blue, 2005

Stop motion blur photograph of a young girl in a bikini jumping into a swimming pool with a ghosted effect.

During the Summer months, we found a community pool that we could join and we could cool off in the was only a 5-minute drive from the house in Newton, Massachusetts. Both my kids were around 9 and 12 years old. The pool was large and had 2 diving boards that lots of kids loved to jump off of. Being a photographer, I brought the camera with me and started doing both stop action with fast shutter speed photography as well as a slow shutter, blur motion tracking images of the kids jumping off the diving boards. Lots of experimenting with keeping the kids in the frame while they were moving while also working on handheld slow-motion shots. When I saw this image, I knew I have found and created something special and atmospheric. This scene becomes something different than what was actually occurring. The gesture and position of the child entering the blue pool was caught at a perfect moment without her being totally submerged into the depth of the water. Being able to maintain the silhouette and form of the child brings together the mystery of that moment. Something very different than what was actually just a bunch of screaming kids and lifeguards blowing their whistles and asking kids to stop running around in hopes of avoiding injuries on their watch.