CITGO sign in Kenmore Square

Closed Until Further Notice, 2020

It feels very strange.... like time has stood still and we are all in a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, but in this case, it's very real. I look out the window of my home and it all looks normal out there. Sun shining, birds flying around, and the wind is rushing through the leaves of the Spring growth while the lawnmowers break the silence with their annoying buzzing but I know the world isn't right. I am not alone in this bad dream. One's experience certainly depends on if you or any loved ones or friends have had the virus and if it has a mild effect or a severe response where only a trip to the hospital can possibly save you. This has struck close to home as my daughter tested positive almost three weeks ago without any major symptoms as well as my sister and her husband.

An unprepared, narcissistic and hateful President Trump who is in denial about the harm that this pandemic is causing and his constant lying and misinforming American citizens as to the dire impact it is having on people's health, mental well being, and the financial hit the economy is taking all because it will potentially hurt his chances for re-election.

As I venture out to explore what Boston looks like under self-isolation, the city was locked-down pretty tight with a few exceptions. Most of the people I pass are using face masks but I am still both surprised and annoyed at how many people flaunt the recommendations of health care professionals. Mental illnesses aside, arrogance and self-centered attitudes continue to exist. Maybe Darwin's theories will take its toll but unfortunately, it will also take the innocent and vulnerable as well.

To make photographs during this period of time speaks to my hopes that there is a future where people will look back on this event with both awe and sadness for the 100's of thousands of American people who have died from this illness. Researchers, archivists, and historians will be looking for all types of media and personal reports as to how Boston looked and felt like. These images will be a small trove of available photographs documenting the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

  • Vapor Cloud
  • Chain link fence
  • Sign of the times
  • Advertising Fashion Poster
  • Stopped Construction
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  • Vent and Shadow
  • Advertising signage
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Face masks for Sale
  •  Closed until further notice
  • Lightbulb
  • Frosting on the cake
  • Empty Parking Lot
  • Empty Parks
  • Waiting for customers
  • Coronavirus in the sky
  • Empty Streets
  • Shopping for Food
  • Empty Streets
  • Leather District
  • Empty Sidewalks
  • Empty Streets
  • Pandemic and quiet streets
  • Empty Street and stores
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