• Holes in the Universe

Places Where the Gods Come and Go

This recent series is about the fascinating merging of different types of sand found on Martha's Vineyard beaches and the natural symmetry, of shapes and designs created naturally by waves and tides merging with the sand sometimes revealing the mythological creatures found within.

Like many of my images, they are made in environments where they are easy to walk past without slowing down and noticing the subtlety and fascination with the details that make up our environments.

Latest Project: Holes in the Universe

Holes in the Universe series attempts to identify and understand our fragile and temporal existence on earth. How many times do we think we understand what we are seeing only for it to turn out that we completely mis-understood the information we were hearing or seeing.


Abstract shapes and forms intensify into simplified patterns that always existed but with the white field of snow, they encourage a new appreciation for seeing the familiar.

Landscapes Obscured

In this on-going series I look at and photograph how nature and humans impact the way we see and obscure the natural landscape.


Clouds is a portfolio of photographic images based on a Zen like appreciation on the constant flow of passing clouds.

Boston Documentary Photography

1980's Color Photographs

1980-2000: Color Film Photographs

1980's color photographs were made with film.

New York City After Dark

Photographs I have made over the past 15 years in New York City after dark or during the transition from late afternoon into evening.

Someplace Else

Photographs of people, places and objects found along the way to someplace else.

Most of the images in this portfolio are in the different portfolio's, but this gives a viewer an easy way to see a smaller selection of images and if interested the ability to explore the entire collection based on your interests.

Three Chairs

Three Chairs

Three Chairs

Better Sit Down For This One: A photo-graphic and design-oriented exploration into three chairs photographed at one of the world's top contemporary museums. Thomas Jefferson collected chairs. Pee-Wee Herman named his 'Chairy.' Archie Bunker's beloved wingback is now at The National Museum of American History. Take a close look at what you're sitting on, writer Witold Rybczynski says, and you'll learn about history and trends in architecture, design, culture, and society.

Altered States

Am I dreaming while awake? Are we sleeping while walking through life?

This portfolio and the images within exploring my subconscious mind and how I reassemble reality into a different narrative. Familiar yet strange and new.

Closed Until Further Notice

What did Boston look like in the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic? Under self-isolation, the city was locked-down pretty tight with a few exceptions. Most of the people I passed were using face masks but I was somewhat surprised at how a fair number of people flaunted the recommendations of health care professionals. Mental illnesses aside, arrogance and self-centered attitudes continue to exist. Maybe Darwin's theories will take its toll but unfortunately, it will also take the innocent and vulnerable as well.

Skateboard Park

As with most endeavors in life when a person tries to develop skills and knowledge, learning the hard way is the only way because there are just no shortcuts. Trial and error, pain and injuries, disappointments and failure while eventually picking oneself off the ground and trying again until there is the short-lived joy and satisfaction by nailing a jump, perfecting a certain move or defying gravity and shredding the 15 foot deep walls in the bowls for an exhilarating ride.

Surface Tensions

'Surface Tensions' is a photographic meditation on the appearance of water. Life on this planet could not exist without it. Water is used for so many different uses: cooking, transportation, growing of foods, cleaning and bathing, industrial and recreational. These images are from the simple pleasures of looking and observing water impacted by tides, winds, currents and reflections.

Monuments to the Dead

Not truly knowing what becomes of the human spirit after death, people have been building elaborate memorials for thousands of years to honor and remember family members who have come and gone. The styles of memorials vary, depending on religious beliefs, cultural conformity, costs and the individual wishes of the departed. Sometimes the choice was simply left to the custodians of one’s estate or a government to build a memorial in recognition for personal service to their country and community.


Mannequins are a mirror of our society in so many different and almost invisible ways. They reflect our prejudices and biases not in of themselves but in who buys them to promote the products in their store windows to the people who the stores would like to attract to buy their merchandise. Least of all is the human characteristics that seem so strangely relatable while they remain as objects that never change. For me, they are fascinating to look at and photograph because of the unique personalities that the sculptors have imbued within them.

The Art of the Automobile

Form and function bolted, welded and stitched for speed, comfort, performance and safety. The art and precision of bending metal and chrome to conform to an exquisite and sometimes whimsical vision.

Available in multiple sizes as unlimited open editions and printed on gloss aluminum substrate and shipped worldwide. No additional framing necessary. Inquire for sizes and pricing.

Road Paint

In this series, each photograph carries multiple levels of interpretation, whether viewed literally, figuratively or abstractly. My work takes the familiar into the unfamiliar. I document abstract displays of paint found on city streets, distilling them to an essence of line, shape and color.

Fine art limited edition, hand signed, archival pigment prints or printed on gloss aluminum substrates available and shipped worldwide.

The County Fair

There isn't a more typical summer event than the various county fairs and carnivals which pop up all over the USA. This portfolio, looks at the people who go for the fun and rides, to the workers who make the food and run the games, to the spectacular colors which surround these magical and memorable places.

Fine art limited edition, hand signed, archival pigment prints available and shipped worldwide.

Available for assignments worldwide.

1970's Black and White Photography: The Beginning

When I was starting out as a young photographer in the mid 1970's, street photography was my passion as it remains today. Walking the streets of cities and towns looking at and exploring whatever spoke to me and called for my attention.

Boston Lens Based Photography

Harmonic Oscillations

Harmonic Oscillations

When a point moves with constant velocity in a circular orbit, one refers to that as a harmonic oscillation. These images start as a traditional photograph, and then I work within the digital realm by altering the image until I create something that feels complete and finished.